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Wow! Run an event in Jowett Street Park and you get a response to remember

The traditional craft workshops run by Friends of Burgess Park as part of their history project Bridge to Nowhere were greeted with such enthusiasm and a desire to learn craft skills especially knitting. The word got about and well over 30 people took part on the last day and the big question was “When will the next workshop be?”

Over three days, participants got the chance to try out traditional hand sewing, embroidery and knitting , and on the last day, to have a go at canal style art. Most of the people taking part were born long after the canal closed, but were interested to learn more about it through the art work reference materials.

Jowett Street Park sits next to what was a spur of the Grand Surrey Canal which ran to Peckham from the Surrey Docks. It was a lovely friendly setting for the event. We were blessed with great weather and the support of Quadron staff who brought along the tables and gazebo each day. We were also very grateful to The Sojourner Truth Centre who allowed use of their facilities. A big thank you to them and to all the hard working volunteers.
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