Zeppelin 1917 – Podcast now available

Ahead of the installation of the park’s new memorial sculpture in the next few weeks, we are pleased to announce the publication of the latest edition of the Bridge to Nowhere podcast!

This episode is an audio adaptation of the Animated Walk from the Friends’ Zeppelin 1917 season which ran throughout October 2017. It tells the story of the Zeppelin Raid on Camberwell, in the industrial and residential area that existed before the creation of the park itself, and puts the tragic events of that night into the context of local life at that time.

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So please take a listen, and we would love to know your feedback, either contact us directly, or leave us a comment on the episode page.

We hope you enjoy it.

Listen to The Raid.

2 thoughts on “Zeppelin 1917 – Podcast now available

  1. Hi, would you be interested in a photo of the commendation that numerous people, including my grandfather, who helped rescue those bombed in the Zeppelin raid received? Apologies that it’s two years late, but I’ve only just seen this site!

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