Zeppelin 1917 – The Raid!

A journey through the streets and canalways of the Camberwell of 1917, bringing to life the events of the Raid of October 1917.

As part of a season of events within Burgess Park to commemorate 100 years since that tragic night, this special oral history has been created out of the findings of a dedicated team of volunteer researchers, and tells the story of those living and working in the area whose lives were so sorely devastated when a Zeppelin bomb fell on Calmington Road, killing 10 people.

Throughout October 2017, the Friends of Burgess Park, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, created a month-long project, Zeppelin 1917, to uncover the stories of local heroes and the dramatic raid – right over what is now Burgess Park. Discover more about the other events and findings we uncovered on the Bridge to Nowhere website.

One thought on “Zeppelin 1917 – The Raid!

  1. Very moving. My father lived in Bermondsey at that time (he would have been 7 years old) and I remember him speaking of Zepplins but didn’t pay much attention. And now that I too live near Burgess Park, I’ve often wondered what the ceramic houses meant. Now I know. Very moved indeed. Dad passed in 2000. I wish I’d been able to connect more with him but the two wars he lived through did much to distance him emotionally from everyone around him. Mum too. War impacts through the generations eh. We lost many family members in those two wars. Mainly the men, but female civilians too.

    Great to hear the stories from that time. I feel a little caught in a time warp. Nice cup of tea wouldn’t go amiss.


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