Passmore Edwards Day

The celebration of 200 years since the birth of Passmore Edwards, as mentioned in the previous blog, was a spectacular success! Held two days after his birthday, on 29th March, we opened the Library on Wells Way, closed for many years, and provided refreshments. We had an exhibition of John Passmore Edwards’ life and achievements,

a rowan tree, planted by the Council on his actual birthday was dedicated by Doreen Evans, a longstanding member of the local community,

we had a book reading by first-time local novelist Jacqueline Crooks.

The main event, however, was a Passmore Edwards architectural tour by our own famous local architect Benedict O’Looney, which looked in depth at the Wells Way building

and the Passmore Edwards Camberwell College of Arts and Art Gallery,

as well as many other contemporary buildings in the area.

A great time and a great way to commemorate the great man!

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