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There’s a wealth of information on this website, but if you also like to sit down with a good book, have a go at these.

Several great reads are available from the speaker at our opening Zeppelin event in October 2017 – Ian Castle. The Forgotten Blitz is part of a an ongoing series – look out for his latest, available from all good booksellers such as Abe Books.

Another speaker in October was Stephen Bourne, a local historian and prolific author. For our Zeppelin commemorations, he was specifically dealing with the role of Black servicemen and families during the First World War, which he covers in his book Black Poppies – also on Amazon.

Still the definitive Story of Burgess Park, this book is well illustrated with photos and maps, and full of memories collected from people who lived in the area which became Burgess Park. Written by Tim Charlesworth, it was published in 2000, so it doesn’t cover the most recent regeneration.
Cover of Tim Charlesworth's book with montage of pictures

Avaliable from Amazon at a mere £5, with all proceeds going to the Friends of Burgess Park!

Passmore Edwards …

…is an intriguing character who gave us the large building at the centre of the park – the Passmore Edwards Library, baths and washhouse, covered here. Dean Evans provided a fascinating exhibition for our 2014 Open House event, based on his 2011 book ‘Funding the Ladder’

Cover of Funding the Ladder by Dean Evans

Find out the story of the man behind the 70+ buildings he was involved with funding, with illustrations of most, if not all of them. Available from the publishers and in many other outlets.

discovering London’s Lost Rivers (and canals)


A fascinating look at the (now frequently underground) rivers and waterways of London. The book covers the Earls Sluice, which runs among the northern boundary of the Park, under Albany Road, and also, of course, the Grand Surrey Canal. Available from Amazon (so the author gets a well-deserved commission) for £7.49.

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