With Thanks

Thank you to everyone who helped with Zeppelin 1917

Funders: Heritage Lottery Fund, Friends of Burgess Park, Theatre Delicatessen

Families: Who have supported the project and generously shared their memories and photographs

Volunteers: Friends of Burgess Park project group:
John Whelan, Andrew Pearson, Jon Pickup, Monica Heeran, Chris Henry, Tom Rogers, Catriona Sinclair, Sam Tilling, Susan Crisp.

Researchers: Joan Ashworth, Katie Bates, Neil Bright, Joy Campbell, Giles Camplin, Christine Camplin, Helen Crisp, Susan Crisp, Carol Field, Oran Hassan, Monica Heeran, Mercy Hopper, Sally Lynes, Joe May, Andrew Pearson, Jon Pickup, Barbara Selby, Frank Silva, Peta Steel, Peter Stevenson, Mercy Sword, Sam Tilling, Marion Wallace, Judith Wardle, Stella Young.

Tom Rogers – The Raid – Podcast of the animated walk
Keith Roberts –  Artist for the “Zeppelin” and “Distant Voices” bells, Chumleigh Gardens
Alice Sheppard – Fun Palace workshop, Extreme Citizen Science, UCL

Animated promenade walk: John Whelan, Rachele Fregonese, Kimberly Freeman, Michael How, Ruth Pearson, Mina Temple, Michael Tuffnell, Baton Williams.

Volunteer stewards: Rachel Dunlop, John Ginzo, Emily Hamilton, Chris Henry, Josh Philpott.

Exhibition volunteers: Charlie Barrett, Judith Barrett.

Contributors to the wallpaper art work created with Art in the Park at Giraffe House Thursday’s after school club: Sophie, Mark, Gabriel, Aidan, Sam, Shane, Gloria, Murilo, Daniel S.G., Hugo, Dante.

Creative and artistic:
Stephen Bourne – Speaker and contributor to the exhibition panels
Emma Blackman – Theatre Delicatessen
Ian Castle – Speaker
Florence Goodhand-Tait – Fun Palace and art workshops, Art in the Park
Celia Hammond – Poetry project
Sally Hogarth – Artist for the centenary commemoration and contributor to the exhibition panels
John Whelan – Director/Producer of The Raid animated promenade walk
Vanessa Woolf – London Dreamtime storyteller

Heritage and archives:
Cuming Museum – Judy Aitken
Southwark Local History Library and Archive – Patricia Dark
Imperial War Museum – Pamela Linden, Liz Robertson, Catherine Long, Sarah Paterson
National Gallery – Alan Crookham
Mercers Company Archive –  Jane Ruddell

Supported by: Southwark Council, Creation Trust at Giraffe House, First Place Nursery.