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Photo of children investigating the width of the Grand Surrey Canal

Telling the story of the park

Year 5 pupils from Michael Faraday School  and Gloucester Primary explored Burgess Park to learn about its history with local storyteller Vanessa Wolf.

Tiled image of the Camberwell Beauty butterfly
Learning about the Camberwell Beauty tiled picture on the side of the Old Baths House on Wells Way

The storytelling walk helped the children discover what the park would have been like before and after the war. They had to imagine the park as it would have been – full of houses, shops, factories and a canal. The storytelling sessions involved lots of role play, singing, creative writing, tasting and smells!

See more pictures of the children touring the park.

St George's Church
Formerly St George’s Church, this building stood next to the Camberwell branch of the Surrey Canal