Bridge to Nowhere Launch

The Bridge to Nowhere heritage project is about to conclude after a hectic year. Lots has been happening, loads of people have learnt lots more about the history and heritage of Burgess Park. We’ll be inaugurating the new underpass artwork – a reminder of the main feature of the area which lead to the creation of the park – the Grand Surrey Canal. And we’ll be launching the new Burgess Park Heritage Trail.

Who is this, and where is he? Find out on the 7th June!
Who is this, and where is he? Find out on the 7th June!

Lots of surprises are in store for the day – people from the past will spring back into life, to give a flavour of the businesses which took place in the area, both legitimate and criminal! War time suffering and cinema entertainment will jostle with ice, lime and lemonade for your attention, as we take you on a journey through the past. Meet Jessie Burgess and find out why she really did deserve a park named after her. Don’t forget your smart phone either, so you can see how we’ve blended the old and the new to help you find out more about your local area.

Saturday, 7 June 2014, meet near the Lime Kiln by Wells Way any time from 1 pm, for fun and facts all afternoon.

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